About Me

When the college years first began, I intended to earn a degree in computer science. And while I loved creating code, it soon became apparent that programming solely for programming's sake wasn't a very satisfying endeavor. Realizing this, I turned my attention to graphic design, an intermittent hobby of mine at the time. I have since found my past computer science and information technology experience to be imminently applicable to a most modern tool: the computer. Given my background, I am fully capable, both creatively and technically, in a broad range of projects.

About You + Me

My unique combination of skills make for a good match with individuals and small businesses looking to formalize their own identity, devise a web presence and provide quality presentation for their wares. My skill-set allows me to take on the work of a three-person team comprising a designer, a programmer and a photographer. With such a team, not only are you paying three wages versus one but you're also paying for the overhead time required to correctly manage a project between three very different-minded individuals. By working with me, the only overhead incurred is through you and me. The rest of the time is pure work and no fuss.